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We are passionate about challenges, teamwork and implement projects in each process, developing a good job, you leave as our customers.

We are convinced that using BIM, is a great advantage in the whole process of design and construction. Therefore, we propose to carry out its project in an intelligent way, optimizing resources.



Why BIM?

For us the term BIM (Building Information Modelling) has become synonymous with technology and also gives the impression it is only about buildings and models. For us though BIM offers much more than this and is all about the INFORMATION for all types of built. So we prefer to think of BIM "Best Information Management". The definition and management of the information is the key part and aims to provide a clearer more complete and standardized process that benefits all parties involved in design, construction and maintenance of a project.


The fundamental aim though of the International Construction Standards approach is about changing the AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations) sector from an analogue approach to a fully digital approach. At arc2lab we feel we can share the expertise and knowledge that we have built up over a number of years and assist them on their projects to a digitally integrated future.


We can offer Information Management, a core requirement of a “BIM Level 2” approach, to our clients.  This service can be to clients, before appointing a team, to help define Asset Information Requirements and Employer’s Information Requirements, but also during a project to provide the management of documentation and processes to support design and construction teams. Additionally we can support projects by offering Coordination Management and a number of other specialist digital services.


Our approach is also fully built around open national and international standards that will ensure information is not just suitable for the design and construction phases but for the whole lifecycle of an asset.


We specialize in designing laboratories, yet the process involved, developing from initial consultancy to the inspection process of construction. During all phases of the project it is extremely useful to use BIM, since we can calculate construction times, prices, change planes and automatically change the entire project, detect any errors, updating data immediately, thus saving time and money.


We have lots of laboratory furniture quantified in detail, making it easier to know the final budget of a project. We can develop the necessary furniture for your project helping more real quantification.



Digital Services

arc2lab can provide a wide variety of services related to digital workflows.

These are our current core services:


  • Information Definition
    • Employer's Information Requirements
    • Asset Information Requirements
  • Supplier Assessment
    • Advice regarding supply chain appointment
    • Pre-contract BIM Execution Plans
    • Assessment of supply chain capability
  • Information Management
    • Common Data Environment provision and management
    • Post contract-award BIM Execution Plans
    • Task Information Delivery Plans
    • Master Information Delivery Plans
    • Model Production and Delivery Tables
    • BIM kick-off meetings
    • Information management workshops
    • Model validation for COBie production
    • Employer specific model checking rules development
    • Production of federated COBie outputs from design consultants models
    • Clash detection
  • Coordination Management
    • Model federation of supply chain models
    • Coordination support / clash detection / issue identification
    • PDF, Excel and BCF reporting of model issues
    • Issue management using online collaboration platform
    • Coordination workshops
  • Other Services
    • Advice with regard to implementing BIM
    • Advance Revit Families Modeling
    • Model audits / review
    • Documentation review
    • Interoperability support / testing
    • In-house seminars / presentations
    • Case studies / blog pieces / social media promotion
    • LOD Management



We are always happy to discuss other services so if something is not on the list that you would like us to deliver please contact us.