Our professionals, with experience in the fields of Laboratory Design, Construction and Equipment Design have created a series of solutions for Scientist that require fast and tailored made facilities that cannot be found on open market. Here we Enlist one of our main solutions.


Mobile Labs

Mobile medical and analytical units provide tailored and custom made solutions for health care and crisis management. Medical care and diagnostic tools can be brought easily wherever they are needed. Operation and training with single and thus identical set of instruments. Remote surveillance and operation enable precise and fast technical support.

The vehicle is equipped with its own self sufficient electrical power supply with a diesel fuel tank enabling standalone operation of the vehicle without the motor tractor for weeks. Cable and hose connection to local supply units are possible.


The slide-out compartments nearly doubling the floor space provide the room required for the medical treatment and consultation. The control system allows for the remote surveillance and control of any relevant data of the vehicle ranging from ventilation and air condition to the fuel level of Diesel and water tanks. Redundant power supplies enable safe and autonomous service of the unit via landlines and built-in power generators as well as multi-modal heating and cooling systems.


A minimum of three to four persons (driver / security guard, physician, nurse / medical technician) is required to operate the mobile diagnostic laboratory. Additional study nurses, medical technicians and dedicated security guards can complete the crew to a maximum of six persons on demand.


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